Our Mission

The mission of Clemson Area International Friendship is to provide a mutually supportive and positive experience for both the international visitor and the community member. CAlF members want to become goodwill ambassadors to all our international friends.

The Need

Each year, Clemson University welcomes approximately 600 NEW internationals to its campus. At any given time, there are between 1400-1500 internationals studying at Clemson University, representing 80-90 different countries.

The Opportunity

With the presence of so many foreign students in our community, there exists a unique opportunity for cross-cultural learning and for building personal ties between Americans and people from other nations. Hosting a foreign student can be a very rewarding experience, both for the student and the host. Many of our friendships continue to grow even after the student returns home.

The Relationships

The rewards range from expanding your understanding of the world to discovering a new and special friend. The relationships that develop between hosts and foreign students tend to foster a new appreciation for how others live and view the world, and can contribute to achieving a better awareness of cultural differences and similarities.

The Reward

The Host Family Program of Clemson Area International Friendship offers the opportunity for community members to become friends with foreign students, faculty and visiting scholars to the Clemson, SC area. Being a host friend does not require providing home stay. Instead, it involves helping international visitors adjust to the Clemson community by inviting them to share meals, visit in American homes, tour the area, or take part in any number of activities.