Activity Ideas

Activity Ideas

  • Meals

    Serve American faves as well as familiar foods

  • Family Celebrations

    Birthdays, holidays, special events

  • Family Outtings

    Picnics, hikes, shopping, zoo

  • Overnight Stays

    Especially during school breaks

  • Weddings

    Students like to attend American weddings

  • Camping Trips

  • Sporting Events

    Attend children's, amateur, or college games

  • Boating

    Make sure your student wears a life jacket, as many have never had the opportunity to learn swimming as a life skill

Relationship Builders

  • Drop by with baked goods or small gifts
  • Frequently send notes of encouragement via mail, email or texts. Handwritten notes turn into special mementos of friendship.
  • Meet him or her on campus for a cup of coffee or a soda or an ice cream cone!
  • Provide your student's birthday cake and ask about his/her traditional birthday celebrations
  • Attend your student's cultural holiday celebrations, often sponsored by student club organizations. Example: Indian Diwali Festival (fall) and Chinese New Year (Winter)
  • Help with conversational English and writing skills
  • Take pictures to share
  • Find your student on Facebook
  • Share problems and needs; develop a good listening ear
  • Help him/her find warm winter clothing or other special needs like appropriate interview attire
  • Attend your student's graduation. You get to be the proud parents!